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Sixteen Year Old Victor Garcia has already faced tough deciisons in his life. A potential future involving drugs,drinking,and violence was one of them.But after graduating from a program fro high risk kids on Oct.6 he was given a chance to start over. And the choice was all his.After four months in Genesis,a program that helps kids who have been through the sandusky county juvenile court system,victor has learnes why he got in trouble and how to stay out of it.Organizers of the Program are calling Victor a success story an example of someone who can turn therelife around with just a little work."it was the people i hung around with", victor said."but they were my choices.Back then i didnt care."i know how to handle myself now. I know whats right and wrong. I know what the consequences are".Victors trouble started about three Years ago. SInce then he has been in the juvinile Detention center and on probation for assalult charges and underage consumption.Victor's mother (Olga) who speaks little english, said "that in her son's life ,she was always worried about him- not knowing whether or not he was going to get hurt or if the police were comming to the door". Victor started the program in MAy. oN June 13th however, he slipped and got in trouble fro underage consumption.After two Months in the detention center, he was readmitted to the program."people with anger problems like i had,thats what Genesis is there for", victor said."i aint scared to be locked up. It did nothing for me but make me mad.The only bad part is its time away from your family"."i respected the people in charge of the program, but not the Program", he said.
I wanna just say to Victor you did a great Job keeping all that up i know i couldnt do that, but it looks like thats the road im headin toward too.. trouble thats what i've been in for months i wish i could just start over you know because now i feel that i wanna be a better person but with all that stuff in the way there is no way i could. and its just like you said being locked up jsut makes you angry.Then lOok what it carrys you through Life.... i feel You on everything you said And good luck with your Future you deserve something good in your Life Mijo.

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