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Mary-Kay, a nationwide conspiracy
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by zach whitman.

 yes, the world is ending, the life of ur dreams? oh well.A career that inspires your success? no, not for me. i would rather go do something with my life, than working for marykay. a "life of sucess" as it is called, may only get u.

 This is a letter that i found on mary, what? u dont belive me? why would i take the time to rite it???????????????????????????????????????????

Mary Kay lived her life with simple and solid principles that never wavered. As a committed Christian, she believed in hard work, the Golden Rule and family values. She was always sustained by her deep and abiding faith in God. Through her uncomplicated formula for success put God first, family second and career third she made the world a better place for women and their families.

Though her special light is no longer with us in person, her torch continues to burn brightly through the countless lives she touched.

We pay tribute to this remarkable lady. We celebrate the love, the laughter and the life of the woman, Mary Kay.

And she got sent to jail, they forgot to mention that.

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 i dunno, do i look like the type to sell mary kay? i dont think so, i have a LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (no offense matts mom.)