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Here are some reviews about painball guns, mostly the ones i have used.

Spyder Xtra Paintball Marker
This is the Spyder Xtra:
This gun is awesome! It is lightwieght which allows for manuverability, which is quite usefull in speedball.
     It also come equipped with a 12 inch ported barrel, which is nice. I would recommend a non ported if u want the paintballs 2 go faster.
     It also has a expansion chamber, a vertical feed which helps the paintballs drop into the chamber.
     You might not be able to put a scope on it because of that reason tho.
     It is semi-automatic, and it has a double finger trigger---definatley a good thing.
    And the Rubber grip makes it easy to hold, I would rather have it over just a plastic or metal one.

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