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Check out these pics.

Spyder Xtra
Spyder Xtra Paintball Marker
This is my gun, I bought it at gallions for $130. It is a nice gun, it is fairly acurate.(nothing a better barrel couldnt fix) It is sooo easy to feildstrip, and is easy to put back together.
Spyder Imagine-S
Spyder Imagine-S Paintball Marker
I love the design of this Spyder, even though it is $138 at wal-mart, I'd personally pay $120 for it.
Orion View Loader Marker
This gun is pretty nice, my 8 year old brother is gonna get this. I'd recommend this for a starter gun. I also like the fact that it has another barrel.
Prodigy View Loader Marker
This gun looks half decent, Its gotta ok design.
Brass Eagle Marauder
The design is half decent, the trigger allows for two fingers (which can come in handy) and I belive that the reciver is polymer, I would rather have metal.